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Noon Westbrook presents:

The Other Way Around


Two Families.

One Decision.

A Lifetime of Consequences.

Inspired by true events, author Noon Westbrook transports us into the world of Naomi Martinez, a prominent psychiatrist whose life is upended after a chance encounter with a dying stranger leads to a fateful decision that changes everything. “The Other Way Around” is a unique and relatable exploration of the human condition, illuminating the delicate balance between choice and fate. This gripping story will keep you enthralled until the final chapter and leave you asking, "What if things were… THE OTHER WAY AROUND

About the Author - Meet Noon

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you".

-Maya Angelou


This quote embodies the energy that compelled debut novelist, Noon Westbrook, to share the experiences that have defined, inspired and influenced her life in narrative form.

Hailing from the Midwest, Westbrook has lived from coast to coast, giving her a unique perspective on life in the United States. After a rewarding career as a healthcare executive and a college faculty member, Noon founded a private employee experience consultancy, which she ran successfully for over a decade. She holds a bachelor's

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degree in Liberal Arts and Sociology and a Master'sdegree in Higher Education Administration. While writing has always been part of her day job and educational pursuits, writing creatively wasn't a focus until her sabbatical from her practice and Ph.D. program.


"For years, my family and friends kept telling me that I should write a book about my experiences, and I’d dismiss the idea casually. But, they were right. When I put the pen to paper and let the words flow, it became more natural and served as a creative outlet I didn’t realize I was missing.”


In addition to being a novelist and business leader, Noon is a wife and mother who enjoys traveling with her family. She supports a variety of philanthropic efforts at the intersections of mental health advocacy and education reform. 

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